10 Reasons Why “Nothing Starts Without Us!”

1. All Brand New Components — Unlike our competitors, Tech Cycle uses no remanufactured parts in our starters. We refuse to sacrifice quality for cost savings.
2. Manufactured by Nippondenso — All of our electrical components are manufactured by Nippondenso, the world’s leading starter manufacturer. Many of our competitors choose to use Taiwanese starters that just won’t do the job for the long haul.
3. Top Quality Bearings — All bearings in our starters are manufactured in the U.S. or Japan. You won’t find a Chinese or Taiwanese bearing in one of our starters like you will in many others.
4. Heavy Duty Clutch — Our clutches are designed to withstand the beating of your big inch, high compression application. Simply put, you won’t see the clutch failures with our starters that you’ve become accustomed to seeing in others.
5. High Quality Finish — We offer a polished, chrome dipped finish on our starters. Many of our competitors have tried to pass off chrome tape on their starter motors as a “chrome finish.”
6. High Performance — Available in 1.4kW, 1.8kW, and 2.0kW sizes, our Tornado starters provide superior starting power over your stock starter. Starting 150ci. engines is not a problem when you have a Tornado.
7. Availability — Our starters are always on our shelves, equating to less down time during an already short riding season.
8. 100% Tested — All Tornado starters are tested several times during the manufacturing process at Tech Cycle’s manufacturing facility before they are shipped. You will never receive a bad starter from our factory.
9. Full Warranty — We stand behind our products, period.
10. Starting H-D style motorcycles is our specialty. From our direct replacement, hightorque Tornado starters to our Twister Open Primary Electric Start Kits and Cyclone Belt Drives, we have a system to start just about anything you can dream up.