Cyclone High Performance Open Primary Belt Drives for Harley Davidson Motorcycles

Tech Cycle manufactures a high-performance line of belt drives and clutch assemblies for 4-Speeds and 5/6 – Speed applications.  Our 8mm Cyclone primary belt drive systems include the front pulley assembly, belt, rear pulley clutch basket assembly, clutch pack and mounting hardware. Kits are available in 2″ or 3″ for open primary applications.  Primary belt drive systems are available for electric start or kick-start only applications. Each belt drive and clutch assembly features the following:

  • Fully CNC machined, jet black hard anodized 6061-T651 billet aluminum pulleys for a great look and a long life
  • Sealed double row bearing in steel inner hub for proper clutch basket suppor
  • Aircraft quality billet aluminum pressure plate for both cable clutch and hydraulic applications
  • 6 coil springs that allow for precise tuning of your clutch for any application, mild to extreme, which provide a consistent and linear clutch lever feel
  • 8 full size friction plates provide more than twice as much surface area as a stock clutch
  • Smooth, quiet operation with high horsepower capacity
  • Free releasing clutch for effortless shifting
  • High strength reinforced belt
  • Front pulley offsets available from 0″ to 2″, in 1/4″ increments for splined crankshafts and 0″ to 3/4″, in 1/4″ increments for tapered crankshafts
  • CNC machined main shaft nut with seal
  • Pulley faces can be polished as an option
  • Front nut covers are available

Tech Cycle also offers a line of cast, old style 4-Speed, 8mm primary belt drive systems that will accept a stock Harley-Davidson square clutch dog style clutch, a Cyclone Drop-In clutch or an aftermarket replica clutch. The front pulley assembly, belt, and rear pulley clutch basket are available in 1 1/2″, 2″ or 3″  for open primary applications. Primary belt drive systems are available for electric start or kick-start only applications.